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About New American International Culture Corp (NAIC)

     新美国际文化New American International Culture Corp (NAIC) 是2021年在美国纽约注册的文化教育机构,新美国际文化旨在推广中国语言与文化,承办包括音乐教育、国际中文教育、 海外留学或游学、合作院校等文化教育合作与交流项目。


     New American International Cultural Corp (NAIC) is an US company registered in New York in 2021, focused on International cultural and educational exchange. New American International Cultural Corp (NAIC) collaborates with quality educational and cultural organizations both in China and the United States to provide teachers and students with a global learning platform that strengthens the connections between Chinese and American cultures and educational systems as the bridge. Our programs include music education, Chinese education, study tour/abroad, partner schools, and cultural exchange programs.

ABOUT US: About Us
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